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Walk-In & Create Activities

Stop by & create Today! 4 different art themes to choose from.

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Sunriver Walk-In Activities

  • Glass fusing
  • Canvas painting
  • Wood sign painting
  • Paint your own pottery


  • Liquid Encouragement (both adult and family friendly): $2-$7
  • Snacks– $0.25 – $3

Walk-In Create Details

We offer four fun, Walk-In & Create activities:
Canvas Painting, Glass Fusing, Paint your own Pottery, & Wood Sign Painting.

Our studio strives to be “a happy place” for those who want to create, connect and celebrate. No experience is necessary to have a unique experience filled with FUN, CREATIVITY and lots of IMAGINATION.

No appointment necessary! Stop in anytime for some CREATIVE FUN! Create as many projects as you want and stay as long as you want.

Learn more about each activity….


  • Chevron down Glass Fusing
  • Step 1: Choose a glass base.  This is when you decide the size and color of your project’s base sheet of glass. During this step you will also be deciding on what your end project is going to be. For example: 3″ x 3″ or 4″ x 4″ can be a coaster or a night light.

    Step 2: Design your pattern. This is where your design starts to come together. We offer over 25 different glass colors. Pick from a large selection of colored glass strips, frit, stringers, dots, tips and tails of crushed glass. Our helpful staff is on hand to show you how to get started with nipping and break glass to create your own fused glass project.

    Step 3: Leave it, we will fuse it.  We will melt (fuse) your pieces together in our kiln.

    Step 4: Put on the finishing touches.  We have several options that can be added to your glass to turn it into a functional item. Before it is fired, we can add a hook so it will be permanent. After your piece has been fired, we can add bumps and turn it into a trivet or coaster.  We can glue on a nightlight bracket to turn it into a nightlight.

  • Chevron down Canvas Painting
  • Step 1: Choose your canvas size.  Choosing the size of your canvas will help you decide what you’ll be painting.

    Step 2: Choose your orientation.  Next, you will want to decide if you want your canvas vertical or horizontal. Our canvases start at $25.

    Step 3: Choose your design.  We have easy to follow instructions available to replicate our previous class paintings. We have broken down our Sip & Paint paintings into easy step-by-step instructions to ensure you know just how we did it. If you’re comfortable enough with your own abilities you may freestyle paint. Our staff is always on hand to help answer questions on how to achieve a specific look.

    Step 4: Frame it! Be sure to try on one of the frames to easily finish off your new masterpiece. Framing can be completed in minutes.


  • Chevron down Paint your own pottery
  • Step 1: Select your pottery piece.  Prices start at $20 and we have 100’s of bisque items to choose from. Choose from plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, vases, boxes, pet food dishes, holiday items, figurines and much more!

    Step 2: Plan out your design. We have all kinds of fun tools to make it easy to paint.  You don’t need to be an artist. Over 100 colored glazes to choose from, plus stencils, silk screens, tracing paper and more to help you with your design.

    Step 3: Paint your design.  Use brushes, sponges, fingers, hands or feet to add glaze to your piece. We will teach you the basics about glazes and how to get the outcome you are after. Check out our finished pieces for inspiration.  You can always check out Pinterest or www.ilovetocreate.com for more inspiration.

    Step 4: Leave it and we will fire it.  When you are done, leave it to dry.  We will make it food safe and kiln fire it. Pieces done by 5:00 are ready by 3:00 tomorrow!

  • Chevron down Wood Sign Painting
  • Step 1: Pick your pallet.  We offer several different pallet options.  Our most popular sizes are 11″ square, 14″ square and 14″x 19″ rectangular or staggered pallets. Prices start at $45.

    Step 2: Pick your saying: We have hundreds of pre-cut stencils for you to choose from. We are able to do custom designs in studio.  Just email us in advance. Please submit designs at least 3 days in advance so our design team has time to be creative and get you a preview to approve. Custom design fee is $15.  Email Sunriver@livelaughloveart.com for any custom design requests.

    Step 3: Paint away. We use clay based paint and have 36 different colors.  We can show you how to turn paint into a stain. Take a look around the studio for great inspiration.

    Step 4: Take home today. We provide you with the materials needed to hang up your sign.

  • Chevron down When will my project be ready for pickup?
  • Canvases & Wood Signs

    Take home the same day!

    You are always welcome to leave them in the studio and come back to pick them up if you are on a bike.

    Fused Glass & Pottery

    Leave it and w will Fire it!  In by 5:00 today, out by 3:00 tomorrow!

  • Chevron down Shipping Available
  • We are happy to ship you your completed items.

    Shipping Rates for Pottery & Fused Glass

    One Item: $10.00

    Two Items: $17.50

    Additional Items: $7.50

    Shipping Rates for Canvases

    Small: $15

    Medium: $20

    Large: $25

    Shipping Rates for Wood Signs

    11″ Pallet: $20

    14″ Pallet: $25

    14″x 19″ Pallet: $30

Wood Sign Gallery

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Customer Testimonials

Hot Glass Run

These folks are organized, have you pre choose your colors and item of interest you plan to blow. The glass frits are at your station ready for your experience. After a safety video on your chosen item your guide describes the course of the task - and then the fun HOT GLASS begins!

– Duckbil2018
Fun For Groups

This was one of the most fun experiences we've had with our granddaughter. Choosing your project and colors, then being directly involved in the glass blowing was exciting and satisfying. We can't wait to return!

– Kelly M
Painting a Wood Sign

Been here numerous times. This place is great. The instructions is top notch. Instructors are entertaining while they teach. They really know their stuff. Lots of activities to try: ceramics to paint with kids, glass fusing, glass blowing, canvas painting, wooden sign painting, and welding. Plus they have an open shop to work on painting. Great for family or couples or group of girlfriends.

– Bev B.