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Why Are Team Building Events Important?


Gone are the days where Team Outings were just an excuse for “mandatory fun.”  Team Outings, or Team Building Events, have been proven to serve a greater purpose- improving both the team and company as a whole. Whether you have two or two-hundred employees, it might be time to consider taking your team out of the office!

Planning your team outing, you want to choose an activity that promotes team work, helping employees to better understand one another’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Not only can your team outing serve as a morale boost, but likewise, develops your team’s ability to communicate, collaborate, and accomplish a goal, together.

 At Live Laugh Love Art Sunriver, we understand the importance of providing a creative, mental-health break, which in turn, helps us to become more productive and focused individuals. 

 From Wood Sign and Glass Fusing Workshops, to Sip and Paint and group project events, we are able to host your group in-studio, or at another location of your choice, in the Bend metro.

 We provide a positive environment that encourages free-flow creativity and social harmony; keeping your whole team engaged throughout their activity. We have seen groups enjoy working on structured projects together, but have noticed that most groups thrive when each individual is encouraged to choose a project of their liking.

 Are you ready to enhance your team’s engagement? Let us take off the burden of planning activities from your shoulders, and schedule your Team Outing at Live Laugh Love Sunriver, today!

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