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New Class Focuses on The Health Benefits of Painting


We are all born with an innate desire to express ourselves, emerging in a wider range of activities than you may believe. Painting allows us to get into what is called a “state of flow,” creating a distraction, and break from our usual thought process. With this, we are able to release both stress and anxiety, as we enter a meditative-like state of mind that temporarily pushes all other worries away.

In addition to the above emotional/mental benefits, several studies have also found that painting improves attention, concentration, cognition, and even promotes brain plasticity when it comes to recall/memory. While there are endless benefits to starting children in a creative outlet at an early age (both to help with their studies and focus), likewise, there is a need for art and its cognitive benefits for adults. For all of these reasons, I am excited to announce our newest Wednesday morning class, Paint With Me.

Paint With Me will take place every Wednesday from 10am-11am, beginning on October 31st. In every class, participants will be taken on a journey through creative expression, and leave with their own masterpiece.

Paint With Me was intended for adult, beginning painters, ready to experience the positive impact that painting and the creative cycle can offer. Classes are taught by owner, Mandy Davis, at Live Laugh Love Art Sunriver Studio, in the heart of Sunriver Village.

Classes are $30, with limited seats available. Book your seat, today!